Hospitality Internship in Santiago, Chile

Responsibilities & Roles Throughout Your Internship:

  • Client management, setup, support, acquisition, processes
  • Client relationship management
  • Build & execute on sales funnels
  • Complete sales processes with clients, prospects (pre-sale, close, and post-sale)
  • Work closely with our engineering & operations teams to streamline processes and assist in intelligently scaling a vibrant business

Past Intern Recommendations

Chris (Denver)

I am trying to break into the hospitality space and this was my best opportunity to pad my resume and get real-world experience. I spoke with hotels, I made presentations, I talked to people on the phone, and learned a lot the whole time. Matt is a great teacher and a good guy, and I can’t wait to use this experience to jumpstart my next job in the hospitality industry. I was really surprised with how nice Santiago is with all the parks, the weather, and overall, the surroundings made my time with KeyoCoin team very enjoyable.