Internship | Why an internship in Chile?

Real world experience with real world clients!

Chile is most stable country in Latin America

Professional development and experience

Spanish is the 2nd most important language in the world

Personal development and learning skills

Chile has friendly people and a great culture

Making new international friends and contacts!

Experience new and different cultures!

By taking part in an internship in Santiago, Chile you will increase your professional skill set in how you interact with a team and with clients. Even more, you will grow personally, and living abroad is one of the best ways to broaden your horizon and have a fun international experience!

When it comes time to get a job, having an internship with an international growing technology company like KeyoCoin is a major benefit. Chile is not only stable in there economy, but it is one of the safer countries in Latin America, making your complete experience one that will be rewarding both professionally and personally.

Further, if you are interested in improving your languages skills, Chile is the perfect place to perfect your Spanish. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world, and the second most learned language in the entire world – making it important for business and travel.

Internships should be fun, and this is what you will get with KeyoCoin team in Santiago! We are a team that is passionate about working hard to build an awesome international travel product, but we also like to have fun, goof around, and make the office environment as fun as possible on a daily basis. Further, you are surrounded by places to visit in Chile! Adventures are abound around every corner, and being in Santiago is the most central place you can be in Chile! You will have everything from mountain climbing and skiing to hanging at the beach, exploring the beautiful hilly landscapes like Valparaíso or even discovering why downtown Santiago is known to expats as “Sanhatten”!

While taking part in an internship with KeyoCoin in Santiago, we make sure to support you in every way we can. Whether it’s planning a weekend adventure, finding great places to eat, or introducing you to new destinations and friends. You will be a part of a vibrant business community full of knowledge, talent, and positive energy - and more importantly – you will be part of a fun and talented team that will make your stay in Santiago as memorable as possible!