Quality Coordinator Internship in Santiago, Chile

Responsibilities & Roles Throughout Your Internship:

  • Inspect web products and apps for flaws or defects.
  • Experiment with products to determine reliability.
  • Ensure production process meets industry standards.
  • Create reports of quality control tests and analyze the data to determine if any changes in the production process are necessary.
  • Develop and implement quality improvement activities and policies.
  • Fulfill documentation and reporting requirements for the Quality Management program.
  • Develop educational materials..
  • Provide external customer support.
  • Develop and maintain a system for outcomes measurement
  • Determine if program is achieving its goals.
  • Develop performance improvement targets for quality, service, and efficiency.
  • Implement systems to ensure that services conform to regulatory requirement.
  • Conduct surveys to solicit feedback.
  • Perform statistical analysis and data analysis.
  • Assist with quality control audits.
  • Investigate, monitor, document and report on quality of care and service issues.

Past Intern Recommendations

Philip (Canada)

Super legit experience in Santiago with KeyoCoin. They gave good training, definitely worked hard there, and had a lot of fun doing it. I am in love with travel, the travel experience, and I am a foodie like the whole team there, so it was a good fit, and overall, just a great time. I’ve been wanting to learn more about quality control, and it was interesting seeing how they put together there application.