Sales & Marketing Internship in Santiago, Chile

Responsibilities & Roles Throughout Your Internship:

  • Client management, support, setup and quality.
  • Partner calls, negotiations, acquisitions.
  • Tracking, analysis and reporting to drive insights and deliverables.
  • Innovative offline/online marketing campaigns planning and execution.
  • Social Media channel management, support, analysis and community building.
  • Online SEO positioning, keyword, channel, and demographic analysis.
  • Online article and blog posts.
  • PR outreach, relationship building, planning, and execution.
  • Work closely with leadership to build & write exciting, informative and visually engaging communications.
  • Work closely with our engineering, operations, sales and marketing teams to streamline processes and assist in intelligently scaling a vibrant business.

Past Intern Recommendations

Sarah (New York)

The only real way to learn marketing is with hands-on real world experience and that is what I got when I joined KeyoCoin team in Santiago. Talking to clients, building presentations, brochures, seeing first -hand how to get to clients and close deals. Plus, I loved living in Santiago, loved their office, how friendly everyone was, and I recommend to anyone looking for a quality marketing experience with a fun startup vibe!