Social Media Internship in Santiago, Chile

Responsibilities & Roles Throughout Your Internship:

  • Create Social Media posts and partner with teams across KeyoCoin to provide high quality social media content
  • Social media engagement and engagement analysis
  • Leverage Social Media presence to build partnerships.
  • Public Relations outreach, relationship building, planning, and execution.
  • Online article & blog positioning.
  • Online SEO positioning, keyword, channel, and demographic analysis.
  • Stimulate and track influencer and user-generated content
  • Track and analyze the performance of digital media initiatives and the impact on KeyoCoin
  • Regular and consistent innovation in marketing partnerships and initiatives
  • Continuous experimentation with provider channels for onboarding
  • Use tools to build weekly company reporting

Past Intern Recommendations

Tania (Chile)

Was a great experience working with team KeyoCoin! I was mostly focused on the hotel product, and I got a chance to put together social media presentations, talk to clients, and learn a lot in a fun environment. It worked out well because I fulfilled by six month school requirement which was nice of them to keep me, and I felt I played a useful role, but learned a lot about the social media processes and being a team player. Even though I lived in nearby Valparaiso, it was fun living in the city and I love their office:). Thank you guys for everything, and the opportunity to help you build something awesome that I know the whole world will use!