Writing Internship in Santiago, Chile

Responsibilities & Roles Throughout Your Internship:

  • Gather story ideas and write/produce news stories and blogs
  • Work with staff to generate copy for our website, including program descriptions, neighborhood tours, and news updates.
  • Work with staff to produce external communications Public Relations outreach, relationship building, planning, and execution.
  • Fact check, proofread, format, and edit as necessary Online SEO positioning, keyword, channel, and demographic analysis.

Past Intern Recommendations

Christine (Arizona)

Thank you for the great times and lots of fun first of all! You guys pushed me to do better and better, and it was slow at first, but I found my voice, and ended up learning a lot, having a lot of my own writing articles, and feeling like I contributed in a real way that was fun for me. Being in the center of Santiago was great, central, and near where I lived, so that was just a bonus. Matt, you are awesome and a great teacher. Pedro, you showed me so much about technology even though I was there for writing, and I love all you guys!